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Top 5 Goth Instagram Accounts To Follow

Instagram has exploded onto the scene in recent years with its eye-popping pictures and a vast array of exciting profiles to discover. It has allowed us to follow people from all walks of life and take a glimpse into the world of others intimately and artistically, unlike any other media platform. While wandering down the rabbit hole, that is Instagram we have uncovered some of the best goth profiles to follow for fashion and lifestyle inspiration. These individuals have unique content that we love and enjoy.So without further ado, these are the top 5 Goth IG accounts you should be following. Mortemer Mortemer is a taxidermist by day and a gamer by night. This killer combo can be seen throughout...

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What Not To Say to Goth Girls!

If you're in the goth subculture, it's fair to assume that you've probably dealt with random people asking you weird and wildly inappropriate questions with a sprinkle of unwanted touching. It happens way more often than most of us care to admit, and quite frankly it's annoying. Now, after years of this happening you grow used to it, but it doesn't make it any less irritating. For instance, we've all had someone ask us about the way we dress, how we live, and what we do but sometimes you'll run into someone who takes it a step further. It's almost as if we're somehow exempt from social norms and these intrusive questions are somehow okay. So let's clear up the...

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